Month: April 2017

Study Proves Gilsonite® is Safe and Effective in Deepwater Applications

April 21, 2017

A new study which evaluated the performance and environmental compliance for Gilsonite® uintaite in deepwater drilling operations has revealed that it is a safe and effective means of extending emulsion stability and increasing the temperature threshold in invert emulsion system formulations while fully complying with EPA standards for deepwater discharge.

Gilsonite® uintaite is known to be effective as an additive in a wide range of drilling fluid applications. It controls fluid loss and prevents lost circulation – protecting the formation from damage. Gilsonite® is used extensively in onshore and offshore shelf applications around the world. However, its use has been limited in most deepwater areas due to the industry’s widespread belief that Gilsonite® (and other asphaltic additives commonly referred to as “black powders”) are detrimental if discharged into a marine environment. The current perception is that Gilsonite® use will lead to noncompliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards.

The results of this study categorically disprove this perception. Both the efficacy of Gilsonite® uintaite and its compliance with EPA Gulf of Mexico discharge requirements were tested in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practices and EPA guidelines using a certified third-party lab. The findings of the study were documented in AADE technical document (AADE-NTCE-086) entitled: “Uintaite Application in Deepwater Operations”. Access the study here

Dario Montes and Ghery Sotomayor of American Gilsonite Company shared the findings of this study with their peers at the 2017 AADE Technical Conference – proving that Gilsonite® uintaite is safe and effective in deepwater operations.