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The employees of American Gilsonite are our most valuable asset. To ensure the health and safety of our workforce, our management team established a continuous improvement program focused on building a strong safety culture. We believe that a safety culture extends far beyond the worksite, and is a lifestyle decision that lies within each of our employees to look out for themselves, their coworkers, and their families. We also feel that a strong safety culture provides opportunity for positive communication and relationships across all levels of the organization; which sets the stage not only for a safe environment, but for a workplace that is positive, efficient and effective.

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In 2015, under the direction of Mike Wilhite (Director HS&E), we implemented a safety program that empowers our employees through active participation. The goal of the program is to allow our employees opportunities to take an active role in improving their own safety, the safety of their coworkers, and the safety of their environment. This has resulted in the establishment of a world class safety culture, as evidenced by our outstanding safety record.


American Gilsonite demonstrates sustainability within its mining operations through its minimal impact to the environment. Gilsonite is extracted through underground mines, which results in a very limited disturbance to the surface. Our unique mining method focuses on quality extraction of the ore, allowing American Gilsonite to utilize 100% of the material that is extracted. This technique results in no residual waste piles or long-term environmental concerns. All surface disturbances are fully reclaimed back to their original state.

AGC adheres to all federal, state and local standards and is diligent in maintaining a low reclamation obligation.

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