Drilling fluid with Gilsonite® outperforms alternative in same field

September 9, 2019

A large, international E&P oil company with a significant presence in the US unconventional market was experiencing inconsistent drilling fluid performance from two service companies operating within the same field.

One service company, using an alternative product to American Gilsonite® uintaite, experienced poor drilling fluid performance, including issues with stuck pipe, wellbore instability, high rheology, lower tolerance for drill solids, lower temperature stability and mud gelation. Another service company, using American Gilsonite® in its drilling fluid, demonstrated superior performance with significantly better filtration and rheology characteristics and fewer drilling problems.

The operator conducted testing to better understand the differential performance. A company spokesperson observed, “Our testing highlighted that the superior performing fluid contained American Gilsonite® uintaite versus a lower tier product employed in the competing mud system.”

“Based on our testing, we recommended to utilize American Gilsonite®, along with other quality products, to drive differential performance and lower overall well costs,” the representative concluded.

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