What is Gilsonite<sup>®</sup>?

What is Gilsonite®?


Gilsonite® is our trademarked brand name for uintaite, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin with properties that enhance the performance of critical applications across multiple industries.

What is Gilsonite®?


Natural Gilsonite® uintaite is non-hazardous and non-toxic. It is a very pure resinous rock, formed of a complex combination of different kinds of hydrocarbons. This unique natural combination, rich in nitrogen and beta-carotenes and low in sulfur, is what makes Gilsonite® so special. Its unique chemical and physical properties make Gilsonite® a high-performance, multipurpose additive that is also a cost-effective solution.


Gilsonite® uintaite is only found in one place in the world—the Uinta Basin of Northeastern Utah, where American Gilsonite Company controls significant reserves. Some companies claim to offer “gilsonite” from other parts of the world, but these products are simply misidentified in order to take advantage of Gilsonite® uintaite’s internationally recognized quality and proven performance. Because these other materials are not true uintaites, they have inferior performance due to their different physical and chemical properties. If it doesn’t come from American Gilsonite Company, it simply isn’t Gilsonite®.


Gilsonite® uintaite is found in nearly straight, vertical veins across an area approximately 100 kilometers long and 50 kilometers wide. Gilsonite® was formed by a unique geologic event millions of years ago that caused a proto-petroleum deposit forming at that time to fill large surface cracks, later solidifying into the pure resinous rock mined today. Gilsonite® uintaite is hand-mined in underground shafts using pneumatic jack hammers. We separate Gilsonite® by temperature grade, dry and screen it, size it to customer specifications, and submit it to extensive quality control procedures before shipping to over 80 countries worldwide.

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