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American Gilsonite Company strengthens management team, announces new general manager

Craig Brown, MBA, P.E. joins AGC to lead all aspects of the company’s operations. American Gilsonite Company, Inc. (“AGC”), the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite® uintaite, is pleased to announce the addition of Craig Brown as General Manager, effective June 6, 2022. Mr. Brown is responsible for AGC’s operations including reserves management, mining and mine…

Bonanza mine employees golf for a great community cause

American Gilsonite Company employees from our Bonanza mining facility were excited to take part in this year’s Uintah County Sheriff’s Office annual charity golf tournament benefiting the local Special Olympics. The event was held on Friday, May 6 at Dinaland Golf Course in Vernal, UT. Two teams of four employees from American Gilsonite Company joined…

Rigorous ISO 9001 Certification Awarded to American Gilsonite Company for Mining and Processing

American Gilsonite Company has been recognized with ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the mining and processing of uintaite ore. ISO 9001 is the most widely recognized quality management standard in the world. To achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification, American Gilsonite Company underwent an extensive audit of its quality management system, management review, product conformity control and documentation….

Gilsonite® uintaite provides superior fluid loss control using less product

A global drilling fluids company working in the Gulf of Mexico on highly deviated deep wells found that Gilsonite® uintaite consistently achieves the necessary fluid loss control with significanly lower concentrations than alternative asphaltite product.

New low-cost Gilsonite LCM improves pumping operations

For wells drilled in the Midland Basin, West Texas Cementers adopted a new, competitively priced lost-circulation material (LCM) additive from American Gilsonite Company. West Texas Cementers (WTC) observed that the cement jobs with Gilsonite® LCM pumped smoother than jobs using Kol-Seal®, as evidenced by pressure charts.

New cost-effective Gilsonite® product provides crucial filtration control, maintains stable rheology

Ultra-deep wells and gypsum-salt formations present unique drilling challengesThe Sichuan Basin in southwest China is rich in ultra-deep natural gas and deep shale gas resources. Successful wells must be 7,000 to 8,000 meters (23,000 to 26,000 feet) deep. In addition, thick gypsum-salt rock formations present extreme engineering challenges, notably maintaining a stable rheological profile. Other…

American Gilsonite Company Mining Operations Celebrate 5-Year Safety Record

American Gilsonite Company CEO Craig Mueller and CFO Steve Granda recently traveled to our mining operations facility in Bonanza, Utah to congratulate COO Nick Lott and the Bonanza Operations team for their 5-year safety record. Breaking 700,000 hours of no lost time accidents is a major achievement in any mining operation, and the company wanted…

Outstanding safety record earns American Gilsonite Company the Utah Mining Association Safety Award

American Gilsonite Company has received the Utah Mining Association Safety Award for its accident-free operations. All recipients of the Safety Award were recognized at the 105th Annual Utah Mining Association Virtual Convention held on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. The Utah Mining Association (UMA) annual safety awards program promotes mine safety and awareness and rewards the…

Rigorous trials prove genuine Gilsonite® uintaite will not remass

In laboratory testing and in client use, Gilsonite® uintaite, supplied by American Gilsonite Company, has proven its resistance to caking or remassing, even under high pressure, extreme temperatures and long-term storage. The chemical composition and refined purity of American Gilsonite® uintaite allow particles to remain loose and easy to mix, as opposed to competing products…

Gilsonite® uintaite controls fluid loss without damaging the formation

Gilsonite® reduces formation damage Lab tests show that Gilsonite® uintaite used as a fluid loss control additive in synthetic-based drilling mud (SBM) causes negligible formation damage. Third-party lab testing indicated that mud with Gilsonite® uintaite reduced damage to the hydrocarbon-bearing formation compared to synthetic-based mud alone. Low-tier “black powder” additive damages the formation, reduces permeabilityTesting…