Gilsonite® G-Bond provides exceptional slurry for Western U.S. wells

December 1, 2022

Western U.S. operators face circulation loss, wellbore isolation issues
Wells drilled in a Western U.S. state commonly encounter formations that result in lost circulation during primary surface pipe cementing. Resource Cementing company was pumping slurry in a well with 1,025 feet of 9.625˝ casing set in a 12.5˝ open hole with an 11.0 ppg lightweight cement. Controlling lost circulation and providing good compressive strength were primary concerns.

Gilsonite® G-Bond provides circulation-loss control
with greater compressive strength

Resource Cementing selected Gilsonite® G-Bond as an additive. G-Bond rapidly disperses in cement mix water, so high concentrations can be used to obtain a low slurry density without jeopardizing wellsite mixing or pumping. G-Bond lowered both the hydrostatic pressure and the equivalent circulation density (ECD). Cement returned to the surface on three out of three wells.

G-Bond achieves strong seal and isolation
The cement slurry exhibited some thixotropic properties. Wells treated with G-Bond demonstrated a strong seal and wellbore isolation. Only one well showed post-job backside gas, at a trace level well within acceptable limits. The Operations Support Manager of Resource Cementing stated that using Gilsonite® G-Bond helped create “a beautiful slurry – it pumped like butter. The result was a good seal on all three wells. Additional wells are planned for later this year. G-Bond will again be part of the surface pipe cementing formulation.”

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