New multifunctional product improves drilling performance in water-based systems

March 29, 2023

The first in a new line of multifunctional WBM products optimizes operational results and costs
American Gilsonite Company approached the Rockies operations group of a drilling fluids provider with the concept of running a field trial with a unique water-based additive. The service provider agreed to run the product in an intermediate section (4,000 to 11,000 ft depth) of their client’s well. The expectation was for improved operational results at a reduced cost.

Addition of Gilsonite® ENV allowed for an overall reduced concentration of mud additives
The service provider switched to a water-based mud formulation (9.8 ppg, 3% KCl) using engineered Gilsonite® ENV. After a successful first field trial yielded intermediate section mud cost savings of 36%, the decision was made to run a second trial. In the second trial, total fluid additive volumes were reduced, including sulfonated asphalt and XCD, resulting in intermediate section mud cost reduction of 50%.

Gilsonite® ENV reduces costs, yields additional operational benefits
In addition to the intermediate sections mud cost reduction, the Gilsonite® ENV mud formulation produced these superior results:

  • Casing run time was reduced by 3.5 hours
  • Rate of penetration (ROP) improved by 27%
  • Torque reduced by 21%
  • Excellent wellbore integrity due to better shale control

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