Gilsonite® uintaite provides superior fluid loss control using less product

November 15, 2021

Difficult drilling conditions of highly deviated offshore wells present technical challenges
A global drilling fluids company operating in the Gulf of Mexico typically works on highly deviated wells with an average total depth of 5,000 meters (16,400 feet). Drilling challenges observed in these wells include salt domes and wellbore stability related to coal extrusions. Therefore, achieving tight control in fluid loss properties is of paramount importance in the drilling fluid design.

Alternative fluid loss additive required excessive amounts of product
The company is using diesel-based fluids (OBM). In an attempt to reduce costs, the company switched to an alternative asphaltite product for fluid loss control. To achieve the needed effectiveness, the alternative product required a concentration of 35-40 kg/m3 (~9-11 ppb).

Gilsonite® provides fluid loss control with a significantly lower concentration
The drilling fluids company determined that a formulation with Gilsonite® uintaite consistently achieves the necessary fluid loss control in concentrations as low as 25 kg/m3 (~6 ppb). “Gilsonite® works extremely well with our OBM formulation. We have tried other asphaltites and have seen a 50-70% increase in consumption to achieve the same results,” said the Operations Support Manager of the company. Being able to purchase significantly lower quantities of Gilsonite® adds tremendous value for the client.

In addition, the client’s decision was reinforced by the assurance of American Gilsonite Company’s unmatched supply and ability to provide all the product required at the time needed.

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