Innovation Center Opens in American Gilsonite Company’s New Corporate Headquarters

February 18, 2016

American Gilsonite Company hosted an open house to unveil our high-tech Innovation Center located inside the new corporate headquarters in Houston. Customers, vendors and other business partners were on hand to get a first hand look at the new Innovation Center. This advanced facility is equipped and staffed to conduct an array of critical testing and analyses that enables more precise and consistent formulations, improved product performance, shortened lead times and more cost-effective solutions.

Innovation Center capabilities
In addition to developing industry-leading products, our Innovation Center provides unmatched client support to solve complex drilling fluids and cementing challenges.

  • Product development
  • Drilling fluid system development
  • Cement slurry design support
  • Real-time client technical support
  • Client collaboration on formulation design
  • Quality assurance

“Our Innovation Center brings together the expertise and technology to create solutions that reduce costs while optimizing performance,” stated David Gallagher, President and CEO for American Gilsonite Company.

“We collaborate with our clients to formulate additives for both drilling fluids and cement, optimized for specific downhole environments. By testing and fine-tuning formulations prior to actual use, we assure that our clients receive the highest-performing additives and most cost-effective solutions in the timeliest manner,” Gallagher added.

For more information about the Innovation Center, download our brochure.