Outstanding safety record earns American Gilsonite Company the Utah Mining Association Safety Award

June 10, 2021

American Gilsonite Company has received the Utah Mining Association Safety Award for its accident-free operations. All recipients of the Safety Award were recognized at the 105th Annual Utah Mining Association Virtual Convention held on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

The Utah Mining Association (UMA) annual safety awards program promotes mine safety and awareness and rewards the advancements of mine safety in the State of Utah. The program includes all UMA member companies, including service companies working in the industry.

American Gilsonite Company CEO Craig Mueller said, “American Gilsonite Company is very pleased to receive this award, and grateful for the recognition of our employees’ ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. American Gilsonite Company now has over five years without a lost time injury, which we know is an outstanding achievement in the mining industry.”

American Gilsonite Company is the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite®, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin (uintaite). With a number of unique chemical properties and physical characteristics, Gilsonite has been used in a variety of applications and industries including oil and gas, foundries, asphalt, inks and paints. This unique mineral is only found in the Uintah Basin and we have been mining and processing Gilsonite continuously for over 100 years. We value our legacy and the people who have created a first-rate culture of safety, quality, and performance.