American Gilsonite Company Mining Operations Celebrate 5-Year Safety Record

August 12, 2021

American Gilsonite Company CEO Craig Mueller and CFO Steve Granda recently traveled to our mining operations facility in Bonanza, Utah to congratulate COO Nick Lott and the Bonanza Operations team for their 5-year safety record.

Breaking 700,000 hours of no lost time accidents is a major achievement in any mining operation, and the company wanted to acknowledge the great work the Bonanza Operations team has done to make that possible.

5 Years without a lost time accident

American Gilsonite Company implemented an HSE safety program in 2015 that empowered employees to take an active role in improving their own safety, the safety of their coworkers and the safety of their environment. This resulted in the establishment of a world-class safety culture that has since been recognized for its accident-free operations, receiving the highest Safety Achievement Award from the Industrial Minerals Association-North America, as well as a Safety Award from the Utah Mining Association for the outstanding safety record.

To honor and celebrate the team’s accomplishments, American Gilsonite Company hosted a company steak picnic. The get-together included the Bonanza administrative office staff, the plant and warehouse team and the mining crew ‒ a rare gathering of all these groups in the same place at the same time! In addition to enjoying lunch together, employees were able to participate in an open forum Q&A session with Craig, Steve and Nick.

“We value our legacy and the people who helped create a first-rate culture of safety, quality and performance,” stated Craig Mueller. “Our focus on safety means that when you buy from American Gilsonite Company, you can be assured you’re supporting a company that values the safety of its workers and protection of the environment – and that you’re getting the quality and performance that comes exclusively from the world’s only true source of Gilsonite® uintaite.”

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Congratulations Bonanza Operations team!

Office Staff

Plant and Warehouse Team

Mining Group