Lower your drilling risks in complex formations with BLACK MAGIC™ SFT spotting fluids, now available from American Gilsonite Company. The most recognized and effective spotting fluids in the industry, BLACK MAGIC™ SFT reduces your nonproductive time (NPT) by quickly mitigating differential sticking events while drilling.


  • Reduce nonproductive time and the risk of expensive tool losses in the well
  • Reduce torque and drag to more easily loosen stuck pipe
  • Call for fast delivery to your wellsite in convenient 50 lb. bags


  • Stuck pipe events during drilling
  • Extended-reach lateral drilling
  • Drilling through complex, tortuous formations

Reduce friction to reduce risk

The BLACK MAGIC™ SFT spotting fluid products include a premium-grade asphalt that covers both your drill pipe and open hole with a slippery asphalt coating that reduces friction where the wellbore and pipe come into contact. The pipe is then more easily freed by applying lift tension from the rig hoist or jarring action from downhole tools.

Save time and money

By helping you quickly overcome stuck pipe, BLACK MAGIC™ SFT eliminates costly, unplanned sidetracks. And our proven fluids help you preserve expensive downhole tools, including bottomhole assemblies, jars, mud motors and geosteering systems that are at risk during a stuck-pipe incident. They also preserve your authorization for expenditure (AFE) by reducing your risk of leaving an expensive “fish” in the hole.

Order and apply with ease

BLACK MAGIC™ SFT spotting fluid is now available from American Gilsonite Company for immediate delivery in the Permian, Haynesville, Eagleford and Rockies. Contact us today to learn how BLACK MAGIC™ SFT can mitigate your stuck pipe risks for optimal drilling uptime.


Mixing Procedure

View the recommended concentrations of products used to build the spotting fluid for different mud weights.

Spotting procedure

  1. Spot the leading edge of the pill at the stuck point, leaving 24 bbls (2.86 m3) in the drill string.
  2. Allot 30 minutes of soak time prior to working pipe.
  3. Pull tension and torque the pipe every 30 minutes.
  4. After working the pipe, pump 0.5 to 1.0 bbl (0.06 to 0.12 m3) of the pill every 30 to 60 minutes.
  5. Continue this cycle until the pipe becomes free.

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