Month: November 2015

Scientific study proves benefits of Gilsonite® uintaite in asphalt pavement

November 30, 2015

A 2015 study by the Western Regional Superpave Center at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Nevada, Reno, proved that Gilsonite®-modified binders significantly extend the useful life of asphalt pavement. This is good news for agencies looking to reduce the long-term costs of asphalt pavement maintenance.

Findings from comprehensive testing demonstrated that Gilsonite®-modified binders showed significant improvement in:

  • Tensile strength – The addition of Gilsonite® uintaite significantly increased both the unconditioned and moisture-conditioned tensile strength.
  • Compressive strength – Gilsonite®-modified binders showed significant improvement in compressive strength.
  • Rutting strength – Gilsonite®-modified binders significantly increased projected pavement life. In all but one case, adding Gilsonite® yielded a ten-fold increase.
  • Fatigue resistance – The projected pavement life is 1.5 to 5 times longer with the Gilsonite®-modified binders.

Read the full white paper

Gilsonite® improves performance and reduces cost

Industry reports of Gilsonite®-modified asphalt lasting more than twice as long as unmodified mixtures are common. In addition, the high modulus provided by Gilsonite® uintaite allows the base and binder courses to be up to 20% thinner while still providing the same level of performance, enabling the use of less material. Gilsonite® can also act as a lower-cost, performance-enhancing extender in a mixture including SBS polymers.

By significantly extending the useful life of asphalt pavement and allowing a reduction in the amount of paving material required, Gilsonite® uintaite has proven to offer substantial cost effectiveness.

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