Month: April 2024

Pioneering WBM Research Presented at 2024 AADE Conference

April 24, 2024

Ghery Sotomayor, the Global Accounts Director at American Gilsonite Company, recently took center stage at the American Association of Drilling Engineers Fluids Technical Conference and Exhibition to present a groundbreaking paper. This significant event is hosted by the AADE, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the sharing and development of drilling knowledge and technologies among professionals and industry stakeholders.

The paper, cataloged as AADE-24—FTCE-089 and titled “Activated Proteinaceous Component of Uintaite Provides Clay Inhibition Properties”, explores innovative findings in the use of uintaite, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon compound found in only one place in the world – the Uinta Basin of Northeastern Utah, where American Gilsonite Company controls significant reserves. You can download and read the full technical paper for more in-depth information.

Katy Aguilar, our Technical Director and main author of the paper, played a pivotal role in detailing the significance of our research. Her expertise and insights contributed immensely to the comprehensive exploration of uintaite’s clay inhibition capabilities.

We extend our gratitude to Jason Nelson, Technical Sales Manager at Basin Fluids and co-author of the study, whose collaboration was vital. The partnership yielded remarkable field trial outcomes, particularly with the deployment of our new product, Gilsonite® ENV. These trials, conducted by Basin Fluids in the Wyoming Powder River Basin, showcased enhanced drilling performance and significant cost savings due to reduced mud additive use. For more details on these trials, read our case study.

For more information on how the unique benefits of the world’s only true source of Gilsonite® can enhance your company’s operations, please contact us. We look forward to discussing how we can help meet your specific needs.