Month: July 2019

Impressive results achieved by replacing OBM fluid loss additives with Gilsonite®

July 24, 2019

A large U.S. independent drilling fluids company was experiencing inconsistent performance in their Eagle Ford and Permian operations. After conducting field trials, they determined using American Gilsonite® uintaite as an OBM additive resulted in a net fluid loss additive cost reduction, reduced additive consumption and fluid loss performance improvement.

A company spokesperson noted, “American Gilsonite® consistently  outperformed alternative OBM fluid loss additives. In a field trial in the Eagle Ford basin, we saw the HT/HP fluid loss values go down and remain consistently stable. Results were a tighter emulsion with a quality filter cake.” After that successful trial, the company continued field trials in the Delaware and Midland basins.

Key findings of the trials included:

  • Fluid loss additive cost per well was reduced by 58.3%
  • Fluid loss additive consumption/bbl was reduced by 62.5%
  • Fluid loss performance improved 50%

“Based on the impressive, consistent results of these field trials, we have replaced all alternative OBM fluid loss additives with American Gilsonite® throughout our Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma operations,” the representative concluded.

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