Month: September 2023

American Gilsonite Company introduces new patented technology for asphalt emulsions

September 28, 2023

Proprietary technology employs Gilsonite® uintaite to produce superior modified asphalt emulsions
Municipalities, application contractors and emulsion producers now have a choice for modified asphalt emulsions. New patented technology from American Gilsonite Company adds the performance of Gilsonite® uintaite to asphalt emulsions, providing a blacker, more durable asphalt rejuvenation. This breakthrough technology is now readily available to emulsion producers to begin expanding their product offerings.

Fog seal application works well for City of Tucson
An emulsion contractor provided a Gilsonite Modified Emulsion™ fog seal base that was successfully applied at 0.09 gallons per square yard of 50/50 diluted material. The City of Tucson was very pleased with the end results.

“Our new technology brings a much-needed alternative to the asphalt emulsions industry,” stated Bill Britton, technical representative for American Gilsonite Company’s asphalt applications business. “Now emulsion producers can tap into the power of Gilsonite® to dramatically improve the performance of their products and better achieve the results needed by their end customers.”

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Gilsonite®-modified asphalt emulsion project in Tucson, AZ