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American Gilsonite Company strengthens management team, announces new general manager

August 17, 2022

Craig Brown, MBA, P.E. joins AGC to lead all aspects of the company’s operations.

American Gilsonite Company, Inc. (“AGC”), the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite® uintaite, is pleased to announce the addition of Craig Brown as General Manager, effective June 6, 2022. Mr. Brown is responsible for AGC’s operations including reserves management, mining and mine development, processing, and distribution.

Craig will work closely with AGC’s executive team, as well as local management, to develop and execute strategies that will continue to drive the company’s long-term commercial success.

Mr. Brown has more than 10 years of experience in the mining industry, with extensive knowledge in production planning and execution, project and capital management, as well as proven leadership in both his professional and military career. He joins AGC from Genesis Alkali, where he most recently served as production manager.

“We are pleased to have Mr. Brown join AGC’s management team. His skillset, education, practical operational experience, and management style will allow our Utah-based workforce to realize its full potential,” noted Craig Mueller, President and CEO of AGC.

“I am very humbled and excited to be joining a company with a proud history of more than 130 years of industry leadership and innovation. I am committed to a continued focus on quality management systems and product improvement to help drive growth for the company,” said Craig Brown, General Manager of AGC.

Mr. Brown is a veteran of the United States Army. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Utah in Mining Engineering, is a certified Professional Engineer, and went on to earn his Executive MBA from David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

Bonanza mine employees golf for a great community cause

May 27, 2022

American Gilsonite Company employees from our Bonanza mining facility were excited to take part in this year’s Uintah County Sheriff’s Office annual charity golf tournament benefiting the local Special Olympics. The event was held on Friday, May 6 at Dinaland Golf Course in Vernal, UT. Two teams of four employees from American Gilsonite Company joined in the fun. The Bonanza team also sponsored a hole with a “closest to the pin game” for a prize.

Founded in 1968, the Special Olympics strives to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people. Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Athletes find joy, confidence and fulfillment ─ on the playing field and in life. They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential.

The Northeastern Utah Special Olympics are held every year in May. Local law enforcement and emergency response agencies make the torch run a special event by escorting the Olympians down Highway 40 with lights flashing and sirens wailing! It’s always a great time for the whole community. American Gilsonite Company is proud to support this important local cause.

Rigorous ISO 9001 Certification Awarded to American Gilsonite Company for Mining and Processing

December 13, 2021

ISO 9001 Certificate

American Gilsonite Company has been recognized with ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the mining and processing of uintaite ore. ISO 9001 is the most widely recognized quality management standard in the world.

To achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification, American Gilsonite Company underwent an extensive audit of its quality management system, management review, product conformity control and documentation. Verisys Registrars performed the audit, and American Gilsonite Company received certification in September 2021.

“By achieving this level of certification, we continue to demonstrate our ability and desire to incorporate a quality management system effectively and efficiently while continuously improving our products and services as well as our internal processes,” said Craig Mueller, President and CEO of American Gilsonite. “Although AGC has been supplying uintaite for over 100 years, this certification gives our customers added assurance of the quality and consistent supply of our product.”

Mueller added that the international certification reflects American Gilsonite’s commitment to customers emphasized in the Company Quality Policy:

American Gilsonite Company is committed to consistent, high-performing products and reliable service by always understanding and meeting customers’ requirements and expectations. We are also committed to a culture that fosters integrity, a sense of responsibility, and an awareness of and compliance with all other applicable governing requirements.

We strive to continually improve our products and services by regularly measuring, monitoring, and reporting our performance against established quality objectives.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to our customers and suppliers for their continued commitment and loyalty. American Gilsonite Company will always strive to exceed their high expectations,” concluded Mueller. “With our goals focused on quality assurance and innovative production, we look forward to bringing the business to new heights in the months and years to come.”

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Gilsonite® uintaite provides superior fluid loss control using less product

November 15, 2021

Difficult drilling conditions of highly deviated offshore wells present technical challenges
A global drilling fluids company operating in the Gulf of Mexico typically works on highly deviated wells with an average total depth of 5,000 meters (16,400 feet). Drilling challenges observed in these wells include salt domes and wellbore stability related to coal extrusions. Therefore, achieving tight control in fluid loss properties is of paramount importance in the drilling fluid design.

Alternative fluid loss additive required excessive amounts of product
The company is using diesel-based fluids (OBM). In an attempt to reduce costs, the company switched to an alternative asphaltite product for fluid loss control. To achieve the needed effectiveness, the alternative product required a concentration of 35-40 kg/m3 (~9-11 ppb).

Gilsonite® provides fluid loss control with a significantly lower concentration
The drilling fluids company determined that a formulation with Gilsonite® uintaite consistently achieves the necessary fluid loss control in concentrations as low as 25 kg/m3 (~6 ppb). “Gilsonite® works extremely well with our OBM formulation. We have tried other asphaltites and have seen a 50-70% increase in consumption to achieve the same results,” said the Operations Support Manager of the company. Being able to purchase significantly lower quantities of Gilsonite® adds tremendous value for the client.

In addition, the client’s decision was reinforced by the assurance of American Gilsonite Company’s unmatched supply and ability to provide all the product required at the time needed.

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New low-cost Gilsonite LCM improves pumping operations

November 4, 2021

New Gilsonite® LCM yields cost savings at purchase and during operations WTC Logo
For wells drilled in the Midland Basin, West Texas Cementers adopted a new, competitively priced lost-circulation material (LCM) additive from American Gilsonite Company. West Texas Cementers (WTC) observed that the cement jobs with Gilsonite® LCM pumped smoother than jobs using Kol-Seal®, as evidenced by pressure charts.

Smoother pumping means less wear on pumps
Further investigation revealed that using Gilsonite® LCM rather than Kol-Seal® doubled the operating time between pump maintenance resulting in a 50% reduction in pump replacement part costs and in the cost of labor for repairs.

Higher LCM concentration results in better lost circulation control
The erratic pressure behavior with Kol-Seal® in the slurry can be attributed to the material’s hardness and large particle sizes. “We were capped at two pounds per sack of Kol-Seal® previously due to how destructive it was on our valves and seats. We were able to increase the amount of LCM (from 2 lbs Kol-Seal® to 3 lbs Gilsonite®) so in general, more losses were mitigated,” noted Kevin Swikert WTC Engineer and Technical Manager.

Kevin concluded, “We have been pleased with the Gilsonite® LCM product. Our maintenance costs have been reduced and we are able to provide a better slurry to our clients.”

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New cost-effective Gilsonite® product provides crucial filtration control, maintains stable rheology

September 10, 2021

Ultra-deep wells and gypsum-salt formations present unique drilling challenges
The Sichuan Basin in southwest China is rich in ultra-deep natural gas and deep shale gas resources. Successful wells must be 7,000 to 8,000 meters (23,000 to 26,000 feet) deep. In addition, thick gypsum-salt rock formations present extreme engineering challenges, notably maintaining a stable rheological profile.

Other SBM additives fail to maintain stable fluid rheology
The client drilled with a synthetic-based mud (SBM) typically used in the region but was looking for a fluid loss control additive that would offer consistent performance while keeping emulsion strength and maintaining a stable rheological profile. Drilling fluid properties typically worsen when contaminated by highly pressurized brine in gypsum-salt formations. Therefore, consistent performance of additives is key.

New Gilsonite® product provides cost-effective filtration control, preserves other important fluid properties
The new Gilsonite® grade was used to replace other asphaltic additives that were less reliable and known to impact rheological values. A formulation with 8 ppb (pounds per barrel) of the new product provided adequate filtration control with no impact on rheology. In addition, it provided a cost-effective solution to improve the performance of the client’s SBM formulation. Gilsonite® uintaite is the only naturally occurring drilling fluid additive that prevents wellbore instability without affecting fluid rheology.

“Overall, we are pleased with the performance of the new Gilsonite® product, which is why we would like to promote it in China,” noted the client’s operations manager.

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China project

American Gilsonite Company Mining Operations Celebrate 5-Year Safety Record

August 12, 2021

American Gilsonite Company CEO Craig Mueller and CFO Steve Granda recently traveled to our mining operations facility in Bonanza, Utah to congratulate COO Nick Lott and the Bonanza Operations team for their 5-year safety record.

Breaking 700,000 hours of no lost time accidents is a major achievement in any mining operation, and the company wanted to acknowledge the great work the Bonanza Operations team has done to make that possible.

5 Years without a lost time accident

American Gilsonite Company implemented an HSE safety program in 2015 that empowered employees to take an active role in improving their own safety, the safety of their coworkers and the safety of their environment. This resulted in the establishment of a world-class safety culture that has since been recognized for its accident-free operations, receiving the highest Safety Achievement Award from the Industrial Minerals Association-North America, as well as a Safety Award from the Utah Mining Association for the outstanding safety record.

To honor and celebrate the team’s accomplishments, American Gilsonite Company hosted a company steak picnic. The get-together included the Bonanza administrative office staff, the plant and warehouse team and the mining crew ‒ a rare gathering of all these groups in the same place at the same time! In addition to enjoying lunch together, employees were able to participate in an open forum Q&A session with Craig, Steve and Nick.

“We value our legacy and the people who helped create a first-rate culture of safety, quality and performance,” stated Craig Mueller. “Our focus on safety means that when you buy from American Gilsonite Company, you can be assured you’re supporting a company that values the safety of its workers and protection of the environment – and that you’re getting the quality and performance that comes exclusively from the world’s only true source of Gilsonite® uintaite.”

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Congratulations Bonanza Operations team!

Office Staff

Plant and Warehouse Team

Mining Group

Outstanding safety record earns American Gilsonite Company the Utah Mining Association Safety Award

June 10, 2021

American Gilsonite Company has received the Utah Mining Association Safety Award for its accident-free operations. All recipients of the Safety Award were recognized at the 105th Annual Utah Mining Association Virtual Convention held on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

The Utah Mining Association (UMA) annual safety awards program promotes mine safety and awareness and rewards the advancements of mine safety in the State of Utah. The program includes all UMA member companies, including service companies working in the industry.

American Gilsonite Company CEO Craig Mueller said, “American Gilsonite Company is very pleased to receive this award, and grateful for the recognition of our employees’ ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. American Gilsonite Company now has over five years without a lost time injury, which we know is an outstanding achievement in the mining industry.”

American Gilsonite Company is the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite®, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin (uintaite). With a number of unique chemical properties and physical characteristics, Gilsonite has been used in a variety of applications and industries including oil and gas, foundries, asphalt, inks and paints. This unique mineral is only found in the Uintah Basin and we have been mining and processing Gilsonite continuously for over 100 years. We value our legacy and the people who have created a first-rate culture of safety, quality, and performance.

Rigorous trials prove genuine Gilsonite® uintaite will not remass

May 27, 2021

In laboratory testing and in client use, Gilsonite® uintaite, supplied by American Gilsonite Company, has proven its resistance to caking or remassing, even under high pressure, extreme temperatures and long-term storage. The chemical composition and refined purity of American Gilsonite® uintaite allow particles to remain loose and easy to mix, as opposed to competing products that tend to fuse together in storage and require re-milling in order to use them. For this reason, other asphaltites contain added fillers that reduce the purity of the product.

Gilsonite® uintaite showed no tendency to clump or cake, even after 4 weeks at constant high temperature and pressure
To test for any tendency to clump, cake or remass, American Gilsonite Company’s lab subjected a sample of Gilsonite® uintaite to constant heat of 60º C (140º F) for four weeks. At the conclusion of the test period, there was no appearance of any clumping or re-massing.

Additionally, the research and development lab at Gumpro Drilling Fluids conducted a carefully controlled test of Gilsonite® uintaite under high pressure as well as heat. Sacks of Gilsonite® uintaite were stacked in a 60º C (140º F) test oven as they would be in a warehouse, with the bottom bag bearing a load of 16 times its own weight. After eight days, the test concluded that there were no signs of caking.

Gilsonite® uintaite remained granulated in storage for almost 2 years
In the field, Gilsonite® uintaite has been tested under extreme conditions. In Odessa, Texas, a pumping company stored 37,000 pounds of Gilsonite® uintaite loose in a vertical silo for 22 months. Temperatures ranged from above 38º C (100º+ F) for months at a time to below freezing. “After sitting in bulk storage for nearly two years under tons of its own weight, Gilsonite® showed no clumping or remassing,” said a spokesperson for the pumping company. “There were no issues when unloading the silo, dry blending in the bulk plant or mixing at the wellsite.”

Conclusion: Unlike inferior competing products, Gilsonite® uintaite will not remass
Competing products and counterfeit products posing as Gilsonite® uintaite have presented remassing issues as well as combustion issues when stored under similar conditions.

Results in the lab and in the field prove that Gilsonite® uintaite from American Gilsonite Company is the cost-effective, high-performance, multipurpose additive that will not cake or remass.

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Gilsonite® uintaite controls fluid loss without damaging the formation

April 14, 2021

Gilsonite® reduces formation damage
Lab tests show that Gilsonite® uintaite used as a fluid loss control additive in synthetic-based drilling mud (SBM) causes negligible formation damage. Third-party lab testing indicated that mud with Gilsonite® uintaite reduced damage to the hydrocarbon-bearing formation compared to synthetic-based mud alone.

Low-tier “black powder” additive damages the formation, reduces permeability
Testing shows that aminated lignite (a black powder additive) causes significant formation damage as measured by decreased return permeability.

Filtrate measurements indicated that Gilsonite® uintaite had negligible impact while mud filtrate containing the black powder additive showed a 15.7% decrease in return permeability. Measurements made without removing the mudcake again showed that Gilsonite® additive caused no formation damage while the black powder additive caused a 26.9% decrease in return permeability.

“It appears that Gilsonite® creates a good seal in the exposed formation, and therefore avoids causing formation damage,” stated Dario Montes, technical director for American Gilsonite Company.

Gilsonite® preserves production potential
Because Gilsonite® uintaite controls fluid loss while minimizing reservoir formation damage, it enables faster and safer drilling operations as it preserves the production potential and helps to optimize the value of an operator’s asset. Gilsonite® is the only drilling fluid additive that prevents lost circulation while increasing wellbore stability and minimizing differential sticking. Contact us today to learn more about the world’s only true source of Gilsonite® and how our high-performance drilling fluid additives can benefit your company.

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